The green thumb of the group. Her inner being is clear headed, calm, wise and grounded. Margo loves to get her hands in the dirt. Mother earth speaks to her heart as she works in her garden. The soil is her therapy and favorite spot to spend quality time with herself. When she’s not in the garden, you will find her in the kitchen brewing homemade salsa or arranging baskets full of fresh cut flowers and veggies. She is a generous soul ready and willing to gift her foraged treasures. Her door is always open and you are welcome to come in. Her loving nature overflows from an abundant cup, spilling kindness and love with anyone she encounters. She walks with a cheerful step and brings a sense of grounded calm to her circle.

Stone: Garnet
Fragrance: A spicy herbaceous citrus blend of pink grapefruit, lavender, sweet orange, black spruce, patchouli and green mandarin
Favorite Musician: The Civil Wars
Coffee or Tea? Citrus Oolong Tea
Cocktail of Choice: Pinot Noir

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