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Here it is…a collection fit for a Queen…YOU…the Queen Bee! An absolutely gorgeous collection of goods from a few of my favorite makers/small businesses and a few from Star Hitched Wagon!
Treat yourself…you are beyond worth it!
What’s is included in this Queen Bee Collection? 🐝
• 5.5” x 4” gorgeous 100% cotton cord basket from Woven Grey Perfect for a small plant or to organize your bits and baubles!
•Custom made nail polish just for this collection named Queen Bee from the amazingly talented Stella Chroma Gorgeous black base with beautiful gold holo glitter! These polishes are thee best!!!
•Two of the yummiest and most beautiful cookies you’ll ever eat from the insanely talented Jodi Stone (who happens to be my older sister) Look at the beautiful details! Swoon!
•Custom bee sticker drawn by my wonderfully talented son Xander.
•7 ounce wooden wick coconut soy candle in a beautiful fragrance blend of Orange Blossom Gardenia by Star Hitched Wagon.
•6 ounce oversized honey comb bath bomb in a gorgeous light citrus neroli essential oil blend by Star Hitched Wagon.
•4 ounce soap bar made with chamomile and honey powder with swirls of grey, cream and yellow topped with calendula petals and a honey comb pattern…scented with a gorgeous light citrus neroli essential oil blend by Star Hitched Wagon.

Collection price is 25% off retail price so a wonderfully fabulous deal…and it ships FREE! 

I have been dreaming about offering this collection for some time! I hope you love it as much as I have loved putting it together for you!

•Boxes will be sent May 1st & 2nd.
•Questions? Ask away!
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Customer Reviews

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Karen Pritchett
Queens bounty ❤️

I loved everything in this package! A beautiful home spa experience. The cookie was not only a piece of art, it was delicious with my Earl Grey tea. Five stars!!

Macey Curry
My fave to date!

I have loved all the gift sets but this one takes the cake! Creative, unique and so well thought out. I love all of the products and that some were collabs with other businesses. LOVE!

Rhonda King
Queen Bee Collection

Amazing. I loved mine and my mother-in-law went nuts over hers. Everything was so well thought out and you canntell it was a work of love...