The optimistic hiker of the group. Her inner being is relaxed, lighthearted and playful. For Jess, a nice long hike with her four-legged friend makes everything better. Every step along the trail brings a sense of joy and gratitude. She loves to collect treasures from her journeys…fallen leaves, pebbles and memories. When sitting on a boulder taking in the views from the top, she is reminded of her strength and ability to challenge herself. After a long day on the trail, there is nothing better than sipping an Old Fashioned with her crew. Though the world around her might get crazy, Jess knows how to quiet the noise and focus on the important things. 

Stone: Carnelian
Fragrance: a warm earthy citrus blend of patchouli and tangerine.
Favorite Musician: Lord Huron
Coffee or Tea? Coffee with a splash of oat milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Cocktail of choice? Old Fashioned the less sweet the better.

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