The angler of the group. Her inner being is peaceful, calm and focused. Nora loves the movement of the water against her legs...the twists and turns of the rivers she trawls...the quiet whispering of a four count rhythm inside her head. She adores her lucky lace agate and brings it with her reminds her of the beautiful brown she caught last summer...the catch of a lifetime. Although quiet and reserved, she has a cheerful and uplifting demeanor and once in a while loves the warmth of a soulful conversation on her couch. Solitude is her happy place. It’s where she recharges and takes in a deep breath. If she’s not by the river, she’s curled up by the fire reading an old favorite.

Stone: Lace Agate or Smokey Quartz
Fragrance: A sweet citrus blend of sweet orange, coriander and vanilla.
Favorite Musician: Mandolin Orange
Coffee of Tea? Chai Tea
Cocktail of Choice? Local Craft IPA

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