Nora gracefully lifts her fly rod into the air and her line falls smoothly into the cold mountain stream. Her thoughts take her back to when she first came to this place to learn the art of fly fishing, so many years back. She smiled to herself rememberingthe days and months where she did not get so much as a bite, yet she kept coming back. Something about the quiet surrounding her, the powerful feel of the water around her legs and the comforting repetition of casting drew her back. Eventually she brought in her first fish, a native cutthroat trout, and she understood how so many fell in love with the sport. There are still plenty of days when the fish aren’t biting, but she is always grateful for the peace and solitude that days on the river bring. Nora feels the forceful pull of her line and is brought back from her reverie. She brings in her last fish of the day, a beautiful golden cutthroat trout speckled with brown. It has been a good day.

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