Celebrate who you are, you don’t need to become someone else.  Raise a glass to your past and to the lessons it has taught you…embrace your Roots and your Wings.

Take care of yourself generously, it’s up to you!

Love your tribe big and celebrate them wildly.  Embrace your differences, be thankful for the authenticity they add to life.

Get outside, stay long!  Play in the water, skip along the trail, dance barefoot in the grass, reach for the sun and breathe deeply.

Be FULL of gratitude and more generous than you think possible.

Take care of our streams and trails, so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.  Make a difference, start small, and pay it forward.

Pull your loved ones close and tight, and when the time comes… let them fly.

Pay attention, notice and delight in each tiny beautiful thing, then share that love.

You have but one crazy beautiful life, so the time is now to live it and live it well.  


Do more of what you love, and a little more… go ahead and hitch your wagon to a star.