Liz pulls into the quiet trail parking lot, the tires of her well-loved truck crunching over the freshly fallen snow. Covered with a thick blanket of white, the trailhead looks different than it does during the busy summer months. She does not mind at all, in fact this is the way she prefers it, a winter woman through and through. She steps out of the truck and quickly begins to get her gear ready. After a final sip of peppermint tea from her beloved, chipped green thermos, she begins her journey. Liz enjoys these solo ski mornings; the quiet of the forest, the pattern of animal prints sprinkled along the path and the snow falling from the pines and glittering through the crisp air. She can feel her face getting cold, but her body feels warm and energized. She knows that after a morning like this, she will be able to handle whatever the day throws at her.

Are you a Liz?

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