Raise a glass to your past and to the lessons it has taught you… embrace your Roots and your Wings!


My Story

Welcome friend, so glad you’re here. I’m Stacey Curry, master of creative chaos at Star Hitched Wagon.




The Journey

I was born and raised in rural Montana, where the beauty of the plains and call of the mountains fueled my creativity. The seeds of my inspiration were planted by my parents. Mom’s contribution came through her crochet, ceramics, and baking, while dad’s were through him giving me free access to his tools and scraps of wood, where I spent countless hours constructing original creations of every shape and size. To this day, creating is my passion – I can’t imagine life without it.  


At age 16, I was designing and selling my own custom jewelry to family and friends. Just a few years later I stumbled across recipes for lotions and soaps, and started playing with oils and butters, fragrances and herbs. This play of mixing and matching materials, was and still is magic - the sort of magic that spoke to me, and I hope speaks to you as well.


My part time business grew as I sold my handmade products in Christmas markets. Because of increasing demand for my products, in 2003 I made the decision to “go for it”, and created Star Hitched Wagon. My new full time business featured a complete line of apothecary and jewelry, available on line and at year-round markets.


Throughout this long journey, nature has been an infinite source of inspiration to me. I love being at the river, on a trail, playing, hiking, running – and just taking it all in. Here, my mind is clear, giving life to inspiration and creativity.  


The Next Step

As I have grown personally, creatively, and entrepreneurially, also has the look, style, and focus of Star Hitched Wagon changed over the years.  So… I’m THRILLED to introduce my products’ new personality-based focus. My hope is that the stories of the “Star Hitched Wagon Girls” will inspire you, help you celebrate connection to yourself and to others, and to the great outdoors.


Other key improvements include:

  • Inclusion of organic ingredients
  • Even more thoughtfulness to fair trade and sustainability
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging (glass, aluminum, pir, and paperboard)


The Family

Family is at the center of it all – and provides the beautiful gift that gives me wings and keeps me rooted.  I’m married to the love of my life, my high school sweetheart Steve, and have four beautiful children, and one precious granddaughter.

We live in beautiful Larkspur Colorado with our two youngest children, one spunky wire-haired pointing griffon, and a sassy but sweet cairn terrier.  When not working, I can be found hanging out with the family, running or hiking the trails, and exploring this beautiful area.